Intel’s New GPU Control Panel Teased in Screenshot, ‘Odyssey’ Community Event Scheduled for GDC 2019

Intel's New GPU Control Panel Teased in Screenshot, ‘Odyssey’ Community Event Scheduled for GDC 2019


  • The new GPU control panel will let gamers adjust display options
  • Intel is serious about hyping up its expected 2020 discrete GPU launch
  • The Odyssey is an outreach effort with social media and ground events

Intel is amping up the publicity around its upcoming discrete GPUs and more powerful Gen11 integrated GPUs with a series of social media teasers and live events. The company has embarked on a campaign that it is calling The Odyssey, which will include online communications as well as ground events aimed at creating awareness among gamers and enthusiasts, and conducting market research that can be used as products and services are being developed. The latest snippet of information that Intel has released is a video showing parts of a new user interface for a GPU control panel.

The teaser reveals the modern-looking UI of the tool, with an Intel logo and what appears to be a sidebar for navigation to various subsections of the tool. These headers include Display, Video, System, Support, and Preferences.  We also get a sneak peak of how a user’s games will be shown, allowing users to tweak individual settings for them. The teaser ends with the text “Coming this month”.

Nvidia’s Control Panel and GeForce Experience, and AMD’s Radeon Settings GPU tools generally allow users to tweak performance, update firmware, set up profiles for specific games, and control features such as frame rate limiting, 3D output, and colour profiles. We can expect more to be revealed soon, though Intel is likely to stretch the process out to build hype.